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The Merger

Two Great Firms Are Now One

On November 1st 2017, Kao Design Group [KDG] officially joined DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns [DSK] and officially became a DSK studio. This union was born of the pursuit of excellence that our firm founders set out on when they launched these two great design practices. This is a significant moment in the history of each practice—one that will enrich our collective culture, expand our client partnerships, and inspire our work from this moment on.

About DSK + KDG

DSK was founded as DSA in 1984 by Chip Dewing and Mark Schmid. In 2013, Tom Kearns joined Chip and Mark, and the Firm name was changed to DSK. Today, DSK’s practice includes architecture, planning, and interior design services on a range of project types including residential, commercial, and institutional work. KDG was founded by Dr. Kenneth Kao in 1995 and has since been recognized worldwide for excellence and innovation in design, sustainability, and building technologies in support of residential and institutional projects, green architecture, and island planning and design.

Innovators At Heart

In many ways, the two studios complement each other perfectly. We each bring unique skills, approaches, experiences and beliefs. But in a very real and very significant way, it is what the two firms have in common that make this union so exciting and so full of potential. The DSK and KDG team of designers, planners, and problem solvers share the core values, principles, and goals that define us. It is these intangibles that will make our merger a great success.

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“ This union was born of the pursuit of excellence that our firm founders set out when they launched these two great design practices.”

The Client Experience

Mergers like this one are often accompanied by process and personnel changes. That will not be the case here. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your experience as a client remains absolutely consistent. The DSK name will continue unchanged with KDG nested under our identity, our staff is committed, our studios are not moving, and none of our current projects will be disrupted or altered as a result. Nothing about the way you work with DSK and KDG will change. However, our depth of expertise and experience in planning, interior design, and sustainable design has been greatly enhanced through shared research, resources, and methodologies across our studios.

A Shared Vision

Our vision is to pursue the same high ideals and vision we always have. We have assembled a terrifically talented team partnered with leading clients who strive to do good. We’re doing it with more strength and determination than ever—and a whole bunch of incredibly passionate new friends. For myself, when I think of all the good that will come from this, I feel lucky to be here—in this very spot, at this particular point in time. I sincerely hope as we move forward, together and as one firm, you will feel the same way. Please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email anytime if you have questions or would like to discuss our future in greater detail.

Explore Our Studios

For decades, DSK and KDG have been producing award-winning architectural design and planning work for discerning clients around the world. To learn more about either studio, and to see examples of the work we’ve done on behalf of our esteemed client partners, we invite you to visit and explore our studio websites.